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On Bali, scooters and motorcycles offer the most flexible means of transportation for students. They are affordable and allow you to explore the island at your own pace. Apps such as GO-JEK and Grab offer cheap car and scooter transportation services, while Bluebird cabs with their app are a reliable option for pre-arranged pick-up times.


In Bali, various means of transportation offer students the opportunity to move around and explore the island. These means of transportation play a crucial role in discovering Bali’s many sights and cultural treasures.


In Bali, scooters and motorcycles are the preferred means of transportation, especially for exchange students. The flexibility to set your own schedule and be independent of public transportation is a huge advantage. Not only are scooters affordable, but they also allow you to soak up Bali’s atmosphere as you cruise leisurely through the busy streets.


Riding a scooter in Bali is not just a means of transportation, but an experience in itself. It allows you to fully experience the freedom and charm of the island while moving seamlessly through the different districts and attractions. There are countless small local stores that will provide you with a “scooter” for a longer stay. Of course, the longer you rent the scooter, the lower the costs. You can also find some rental companies online. However, we recommend that you inspect the scooter on site.

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studiesNetwork Tip

Wear a high-quality (full-face) helmet at all times and never ride your scooter under the influence of alcohol!

You also need a valid international driving license, which must be presented at police checks. You must apply for this in your home country before you leave.

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Getting around with Uber & Co.

The GO-JEK and Grab apps also offer cheap car and scooter transportation services in Bali, while Bluebird is the recommended cab company, which is also available via an app to schedule your pick-up time in advance.


These apps are extremely convenient and give you quick access to transportation. GO-JEK and Grab offer a wide range of transportation options, including motorcycle cab services for short distances or car services for longer journeys. This makes them a convenient option for traveling around Bali flexibly and affordably.


Bluebird cabs are known for their reliability and safety. With their app, you can schedule the pick-up time in advance and make sure you arrive at your destination on time. The drivers are often reliable and know the roads of Bali well, making traveling stress-free and enjoyable.


These apps offer a great alternative to riding a scooter, especially for longer distances or if you simply prefer a more comfortable option. They are easy to use and allow you to plan your transportation in advance to make your stay in Bali even more enjoyable.

Tourists travelling on scooters on a tropical island's dirt road.jpg
Bali is more than a place ...
It’s a mood, it’s magical.
It’s a tropical state of mind.

Road network & traffic

The road network in Bali varies greatly. While some main roads are well developed and wider in tourist areas, many rural areas can be characterized by narrow, winding roads.


Traffic in urban centers such as Denpasar, Kuta and Ubud can be hectic at rush hour, with a variety of vehicles including mopeds, cars, vans and traditional bemos.

Hire a driver

The option of renting cars or hiring a driver is a popular choice for tourists, especially those who prefer not to drive themselves.


Not only can local drivers serve as reliable navigators, but they can also offer local knowledge, insider tips and recommendations for lesser-known attractions.

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