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The cuisine of Qingdao

Famous for its maritime-influenced cuisine, Qingdao offers a variety of local specialties based on fresh seafood and traditional cooking methods. Here are some popular local specialties in Qingdao


  • Steamed fish with soy sauce (Qingdao style): Fresh fish is steamed and prepared with a special soy sauce that is typical of Qingdao. This sauce often emphasizes the natural flavor of the fish.

  • Shrimp in Beer Sauce: A delicious combination of shrimp cooked in a sauce made from Tsingtao beer, giving a unique taste.


Jiaozi (Chinese dumplings):

  • Seafood Jiaozi: These stuffed dumplings often contain a mixture of seafood such as shrimp, mussels or fish that are steamed or fried.

  • Leek Jiaozi: A vegetarian version filled with leeks and other vegetables, served as a side dish or main course.


Other specialties:

  • Zha Jiang Mian: Noodles in a spicy sauce made from meat, soybean paste and vegetables.

  • Qingdao-Style Peking Duck: A variation of the famous Peking duck prepared in the Qingdao-style, often with a unique regional twist.


Tsingtao beer:

  • Tsingtao Beer: An indispensable part of Qingdao food culture. Many restaurants and beer gardens offer the famous Tsingtao beer, which comes from the city and is often enjoyed with meals.

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A favourite meeting place for locals and visitors alike is the "Pichai Yuan" (Pichai Courtyard). It is home to many small restaurants and stalls offering a wide range of dishes, from seafood to traditional Chinese food. A lively place that offers an authentic culinary experience.


Restaurant recommendations Qingdao

ZhongShan Fishermen's Seafood Market: Here you can choose fresh seafood, which will then be prepared for you. It's a lively place with a wide variety of seafood.

Shizhong District Seafood Street: On this street you will find numerous restaurants that specialize in seafood. You can choose fresh seafood and have it cooked to your liking.

Pichai Yard (Pichai Yuan): This is a lively area with many restaurants offering a variety of Chinese dishes. Ideal for exploring local cuisine.

Old town: Here you will find many traditional restaurants that serve local specialties such as jiaozi (dumplings) and other typical Chinese dishes.

German brewery: Some restaurants also offer international cuisine. Visit a German brewery for good beer and German cuisine.

Dao Xiang Cun (岛香村): This is a popular chain that specializes in traditional Chinese dishes and is present in various districts of the city.

Xi Lai Shun (西来顺): Another well-known restaurant chain specializing in hot pots and Peking duck.

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Qingdao: Coastal Vibes, Brewed Delights

Bar recommendations Qingdao

Old Observatory Bar: This bar is located in a historic building and offers great views of the city. Here you can relax and enjoy various drinks.

Hai Bian (海边) Bar Street: This street is known for its variety of bars and clubs along the coast. You'll find a wide selection of venues to suit different tastes and styles of music.

Helen's Bar: A cozy bar with a relaxed atmosphere and a wide selection of drinks. Ideal for a relaxed evening.

German beer houses: There are a few German beer houses in Qingdao that offer a great selection of beers and a sociable atmosphere.

Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar: A rooftop bar with city and sea views. Perfect for enjoying the sunset and drinking cocktails.

Beer Museum Bar: An interesting combination of museum and bar that offers different types of beer and provides information about the beer history of Qingdao.

Club New York New York: If you're looking for lively music and dancing, this club is a good choice. There are often DJ performances and live music here.

Downtown Music Bar: A cozy bar with live music and a wide selection of drinks. Ideal for enjoying good music.

Beer culture in Qingdao

The beer culture in Qingdao is strongly characterised by the world-famous Tsingtao Brewery. Tsingtao beer is a symbol of the city and the brewery offers tours to show visitors how the beer is made.

The annual Qingdao International Beer Festival attracts visitors from all over the world and offers a variety of beers to sample as well as entertainment.

Bars, beer gardens and the famous Hai Bian (海边) Bar Street along the coast are popular places to enjoy different types of beer and experience the lively atmosphere.

Beer often acts as a social meeting place where locals and tourists socialise. The beer industry is also economically important and shapes the local economy.

Beer culture in Qingdao is a fascinating aspect of the city, represented not only by the famous Tsingtao beer, but also by festivals, bars and social events. It is a significant part of the city's identity and offers a sociable way to experience the local culture.

Image by Samuele Sala Veni
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