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State University



Max. 30 ECTS according to EU guidelines


Recognition in Europe:



Study programs:

Bachelor & Master

Summer semester:

1st week of April - 2nd week of July

Application deadline: January 15th


Winter semester:

2nd week of September - 2nd week of December Application deadline:

June 15th


Duration: 15 weeks

Registration fee: 75 €


Tuition fee: € 2,290


Funding from BAföG: 100%



Current or completed studies in economics or related courses at a European university in a bachelor or master and sufficient knowledge of English.

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Palawan State University (PSU) is a renowned educational institution in the Philippines that was founded in 1965. The university has a total of 19 campuses on the island of Palawan and offers a wide range of degree programs. The main campus, where you will also study, is located in Puerto Princesa City.

With over 26,000 students and more than 1,000 faculty members in 11 faculties, it has the right to award bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

The university is accredited by the Department of Education and Culture of the Philippines and the International Association of Universities and is a member of numerous internationally recognized higher education organizations. Palawan State University is H+ accredited according to the anabin database. This means that it is fully recognized as a university in Germany.

The exclusive study network premises on the tropical Tiniguiban Heights campus are equipped with modern lecture rooms, which are equipped with WLAN and projectors, and offer space for Bachelor's and Master's classes. There are also offices and secretariats.

The large campus close to the city center offers large green spaces to relax under palm trees. A small canteen and a kiosk provide students with drinks and tasty Filipino delicacies.

More information in our experience reports, on the university website and on YouTube.

Palawan State University

Week 1-6

  • Lecture (Mondays - Wednesdays approx. 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

  • Subject-related seminars

  • Exciting excursions (Thursdays)

Week 7-8

Week 9-14

  • Lectures (Mondays - Wednesdays approx. 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

  • Subject-related seminars

  • Exciting excursions (Thursdays)

Week 15

  • Mandatory final exams

  • Issuance of internationally recognized certificates & Testimonies

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EXCLUSIVELY AT studiesNetwork


Free participation in the legendary studiesNetwork Welcome Party on the beach of Puerto Princesa before the start of the semester.


Attractive offers for leisure activities, restaurants, bars and accommodation throughout Palawan.


Dynamic empowerment teams for project-oriented networking among students during the semester

from 850 €

Round-trip flight to Palawan from Germany

from 55 € / Monat

Rent for a motor scooter (most useful means of transport) incl. petrol

ab 1 €

For a bottle of San Miguel (local beer) at the supermarket

ab 390 € / Monat

Rent a room in a villa with other students

ab 50 €

Costs for a used surfboard through private dealers

ab 7 €

For a piece of imported cheese or a bottle of wine at the supermarket

ab 200 € / Monat

Expenses for food & drink

ab 7 € / 60 min

For a traditional massage

ab 3 €

For washing, ironing and folding 10 items of clothing through the laundry

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Courses Bachelor

BA 01 (6 ECTS)  

South East Asia Economies

BA 02 (6 ECTS)

business management

BA 03 (6 ECTS)

Finance and Investments

BA 04 (8 ECTS)

Global Marketing


BA 05 (6 ECTS) 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

BA 06 (4 ECTS)

cross-cultural management

BA 07 (4 ECTS)

Cross Cultural Management II (incl. Indonesian language)

BA 08 (6 ECTS)

Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt.


+ exciting excursions


+ practice-oriented case studies 

Image by David Reynolds

Studienfächer Master

Courses Master


MA 01 (8 ECTS) 

Business Economics 

MA 02 (8 ECTS)

Global Project Management

MA 03 (6 ECTS) 

Multinational Service Marketing

MA 04 (6 ECTS) 

Multinational Entrepreneurship

MA 05 (4 ECTS) 

intercultural management

MA 06 (6 ECTS) 

intercultural leadership


MA 07 (6 ECTS) 

Multinational Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt. 

+ exciting excursions


+ practice-oriented case studies 


Since 1997, more than 10,000 students have already completed a successful semester abroad with studiesNetwork in Asia.


studiesNetwork’s study programs were developed by German professors, are officially accredited and are 100% funded by BAföG.


In addition to the lowest tuition fees, studiesNetwork offers you other exclusive benefits, discounts and free cancellation.


The studiesNetwork team around Prof. Dr. Passon is at your side in all matters before, during and after your semester. We stand for perfect organization and guaranteed execution.


The ECTS system makes it easier to recognize achievements from the studiesNetwork semester. The courses are assessed using the ECTS system, which guarantees comparable and transferable achievements worldwide.

You can complete a maximum of 30 ECTS in your semester - but at least 16 ECTS must be completed.


In order to take part in the final examinations, attendance of at least 75% per subject is required. The last week is reserved for the exams, which are written 60-minute exams. The results are internationally certified and cover both basic and core subjects.


The official certificates of studiesNetwork graduates will be issued in digital form (PDF) directly by Udayana University approximately 6-8 weeks after the final exams. On request and for a fee, the originals can also be sent to Europe via DHL Express.

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