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Travel essentials

Kamera, Notizbuch und Stift liegen auf Landkarte


We want your semester abroad with studiesnetwork in Asia to go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to our “Travel Essentials”. Based on the recommendations of our more than 9,000 alumni and the studiesnetwork team's own travel experiences, you will get an overview of proven services that will make your semester even less complicated and safer.

IMPORTANT: The right travel health insurance for your semester abroad

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International health insurance* is essential for students who spend a semester abroad. In case of illness or accident, medical costs abroad can be very high. Your European health insurance does not pay for such costs outside the EU, which means that you will quickly have to pay several thousand euros out of your own pocket.

For this reason, we have been recommending with a clear conscience for many years the Hanse Merkur international health insurance*, which was specially developed for students' stays abroad. The cover includes, among other things, return medical transport to the home country, which can be essential in the event of serious illness or injury. The price for full protection starts at just € 1.05 per day, with no excess in the event of an insured event.

Book directly here*.

Get free cash withdrawals and payments in Asia with the right credit card

Geld abheben am ATM mit Kreditkarte

An EC card is often not usable outside the euro zone and many banks charge high fees for payments and cash withdrawals in other EU countries. A credit card is essential during the semester abroad.

The DKB’s checking account* is completely free if you deposit at least € 700 into your account each month or if you are under 28 years old. The Visa debit card* is also free of charge and has no annual fee. You can use it to pay conveniently and securely, even via smartphone or smartwatch. In addition, you can use the card to withdraw money free of charge from ATMs almost anywhere in Germany, in the euro zone, and worldwide with “active status”. With “active status”, payments are free of charge worldwide, wherever Visa is accepted.

You can easily open your account online in just 5 minutes* and legitimize yourself via smartphone.

As a special highlight, you receive exclusive benefit offers and can save money with regular money-back promotions with their partner Visa. We use this card ourselves and recommend it as the perfect travel companion for any destination worldwide.

Learn cultural and touristic facts and be well informed

Goldene Buddha Figuren in der Reihe

As a specific recommendation for a travel guide for a semester abroad in Asia, we recommend the “DK Vis A Vis Bali & Lombok”* travel guide. It offers a very comprehensive overview of Bali's culture and history as well as practical information on transportation, accommodation and sightseeing.

The clear maps and numerous illustrations make the travel guide a helpful companion for all students who want to explore the country and its culture in a sophisticated way.

Go online worldwide cheaply & easily with your smartphone

Video Call with Smaprthone* is the perfect solution for students spending a semester abroad in Asia and looking for a reliable, cost-effective data connection. The provider uses convenient e-SIMs that can be easily set up online or through the Airalo app.

With*, you'll always be online and able to stay in touch with your friends and family. In addition, offers data plans for entire continents, making it easier to travel to multiple countries and saving you the administrative hassle of buying physical SIM cards.


Register now and get a € 3.00 discount*.

Insure your smartphone during your semester abroad

Smartphone mit bunten Lichtern

In Bali, unfortunately, there are more and more smartphone robberies, which not only means the loss of memories and contacts, but also financially stresses. Smartphone insurance is therefore recommended to protect against theft, defects and damage.

The Hepster smartphone insurance* offers a very good price-performance ratio, is easy to apply for and even offers immediate protection*. With this insurance, your smartphone is fully protected even after your semester abroad. Prevention is better than trouble - be on the safe side. Simply insure now*.

Stay healthy even during your semester in Asia

Apotheke in Asien in der Außenansicht

A well-stocked travel pharmacy* is of great importance during a semester abroad in Asia. Especially in rural areas, it can be difficult to get the appropriate medications. In addition, many medicines in Asia may be dosed differently or have different ingredients.

Therefore, we recommend purchasing medications in advance through a reputable online pharmacy* and carrying them in your travel pharmacy. Malaria prophylaxis should also not be forgotten. Early prevention can save lives in case of emergency and protect you from health problems. Prepare your first-aid kit now*.

* What the asterisk means: For links marked with an asterisk, we receive a commission if a booking or a certain action is made via the linked provider. There are no additional costs for you. We do not receive any money for simply placing the link.

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