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Aerial view of Tegalalang Bali rice terraces. Abstract geometric shapes of agricultural pa

in Bali

Auf Bali gibt es eine breite Auswahl an Unterkünften für Studenten: Luxuriöse Villen bieten geteilte Mietkosten und Annehmlichkeiten wie Pools und Personal.

Apartments und Gästehäuser sind preisgünstigere Optionen in verschiedenen Bezirken der Insel.  Zimmer bei Gastfamilien ermöglichen ein gemeinschaftliches Umfeld, während lokale Agenturen dabei Unterstützung bei der Suche anbieten.

ab 350 €

monatl. Miete für ein Zimmer

in einer Villa mit anderen Studenten

ab 750 €

Hin- und Rückflug nach Bali

ab Deutschland

Living in a villa

When it comes to accommodation, villas have been the most sought-after choice for students in Bali for years. These luxurious tropical homes offer more than just a place to live. With private pools, exclusive staff such as housekeepers and gardeners, they fulfill the dream of comfort and elegance. The best thing about them? The rental costs are often split between the students, and it's not uncommon to end up paying less than for a shared room at home.


Finding such a student villa is quite simple. Online booking platforms offer a wealth of options. From photos to reviews, there's everything you need to find the perfect villa for your needs. Alternatively, you can get local support from agents who specialize in student villas. These experts can offer tailored recommendations and help you find the ideal villa.


Some of these agents also have websites where you can book individual rooms in villas or find roommates to rent a villa together. These platforms make it easier to meet like-minded people and find a villa to suit your needs. They offer a wide selection of villas to suit a variety of requirements, be it in terms of location, size or budget.


Living in a villa in Bali as a student offers not only comfort, but also a community of like-minded people who share similar interests and lifestyles. It is a unique experience that makes a stay on the island something special.

Bali Villa mit Beleuchtung und Pool


When choosing your accommodation in Bali, you should consider the distance to the university. There can be heavy traffic, especially at peak times, which increases the daily travel time. The areas around the campus are usually cheaper than the tourist centers. For example, it can take an hour from Canggu to reach the campus in Jimbaran.

Image by Paolo Nicolello

Living with a host family

When it comes to accommodation, living with an Indonesian host family is a worthwhile choice for students in Bali. This option allows for deeper cultural immersion while keeping costs low. The university or we at studiesNetwork will be happy to assist you in finding such a host family.


The financial side is a clear advantage. Compared to villas or hotels, the costs are around € 200 per month. This makes it a cost-effective option that is also attractive for students with a limited budget.


It is important to understand that living with an Indonesian family is a different experience to living in a villa. It means a relatively intense involvement in family life, which can be enriching for some and challenging for others. However, the cultural exchange and direct participation in the everyday life of the host family offer a unique opportunity to experience and learn the Indonesian culture and language at first hand.

Your stay with an Indonesian host family is a fantastic opportunity not only to improve your language skills, but also to develop a deeper understanding of the local culture. The warm hospitality and lived culture of the family will make your stay in Bali unforgettable.

Aerial view of Tegalalang Bali rice terraces. Abstract geometric shapes of agricultural pa
»Bali is more than a place …
It’s a mood, it’s magical.
It’s a tropical state of mind.

Staying at the “Kost”

The “Indonesian Kost”, also known as “Kos-kosan” or simply “Kost”, is an extremely affordable accommodation option in Bali.


This type of accommodation usually consists of small rooms within guesthouses or special apartment buildings, which are equipped with a private bathroom and occasionally a simple kitchenette. The special thing about it is that the rent is usually paid monthly and the costs can vary depending on the facilities, location and size. This can range from basic room facilities to rooms with air conditioning, which means that rental prices also vary.


The “Indonesian Kost” is extremely popular not only among foreign students, but also among Indonesian students in particular. This form of accommodation offers a cost-effective option for living in close proximity to universities while keeping expenses low. The proximity to the educational institution allows students to save time and money on their daily commute and focus more on their academic goals.

Living in Bali houses

An inexpensive alternative to villas are houses, often in Balinese style – these usually do not have a pool and staff. Nevertheless, they offer a great opportunity to experience the Balinese lifestyle.


These houses can often only be found locally in Bali in newspaper advertisements or in certain groups on social networks.


These houses are mostly traditional Balinese homes that offer an authentic insight into the local way of life. They offer space surrounded by the unique architecture and ambience of the island. Although they do not offer the amenities of villas, they are a more affordable option for students seeking a deeper connection with Balinese culture and daily life.


Finding these houses often requires a bit more dedication as they are not found on the usual online platforms. Local newspaper ads or special groups on social networks are often the sources to discover such housing options.

Haus mit ethnischem Design
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