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Balinesen bei einer traditionellen Zeremonie


Lina spent her semester abroad with studiesnetwork at Udayana University in Bali in 2018. At that time she was studying for a bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a focus on marketing at North Academy in Hamburg.

My semester abroad in Bali with studiesNetwork



My preparations for the semester abroad went without major complications. I registered via the website and wrote the short letter of motivation. The selection process then followedHearing at which it was checked on site at the university whether participation was possible. When I was accepted, I was indescribably happy to finally be able to make my dream of a semester abroad a reality. The websites of studiesnetwork, indojunkie and auslandssemester-bali were very helpful and supported me in the planning and preparation. However, applying for the visa was the most time-consuming process.


There are different types of visas and it is important to check all documents carefully, otherwise the application will not be processed. In order to apply for the visa, the application for the so-called Surat Rekomendasi must first be submitted. Many documents are required, both for the Surat Rekomendasi and for the actual visa application. The student visa is issued as a social visa and is valid for 60 days. It must be renewed on-site at least twice for 30 days each. I therefore recommend everyone who is planning a semester abroad to start preparing and applying for a visa early on. Here, however, it should also be noted that the regulations for issuing a visa can be changed often and at short notice. This is mainly due to the bureaucracy in Indonesia. You should therefore constantly inform yourself about updates from the relevant authorities.


When it comes to studying in Bali and finding accommodation, there are numerous websites that provide helpful information. In order to get used to the climate, culture and traffic before actually starting my studies, I booked my outbound flight so that I would arrive in Bali a week before the start of my studies. For this week I had decided on a so-called homestay that had been recommended to me. This is a kind of guest house on the property of a Balinese family, where guests can have a room and share the swimming pool and kitchen with other guests. As a result, I had direct contact with the locals right from the start and was able to exchange ideas with other travelers at the same time. This experience helped me to familiarize myself with the customs and everyday offerings of the Hindu Bali culture on the first day.


After the studiesnetwork welcome event, some fellow students got together to look for accommodation together. On site we were able to look at various homestays and villas, negotiate the price and find out whether we got on well with the owners. In the end we decided on a homestay with an outdoor kitchen and swimming pool near Seminyak and lived there with French and Dutch fellow students.


A day before the official start of the semester, a welcome dinner was organized for all students on Jimbaran Beach. The buffet with various dishes and drinks was accompanied by a fire show and live music. This evening offered a perfect opportunity to get to know each other. Personally, I was lucky enough to get on well with my fellow students right from the start. In general, the group was very homogenous and it was easy to talk to everyone, even though I knew almost no one from before.

The orientation event began the next day, during which we were introduced to the Rectorate and the lecturers responsible for us. We also received an introduction to Balinese life, a tour of the university and our timetable. As is usual in Bali, there were sometimes small moments of chaos at the university, such as technical problems or absent lecturers because of important ceremonies. But after a short familiarization phase, you learned to master everyday university life and always remained relaxed.

Leisure time

The start of life in Bali was super exciting for me. After only three days I decided to rent a scooter because it is simply part of life on the island of gods and demons. Without a scooter you are unfortunately very limited, otherwise it is hardly possible to reach any place on the island. With the scooter I was able to visit incredibly cool beaches, try many different restaurants and marvel at the seemingly endless expanses of the jungle or the rice fields. Even though we were offered courses and excursions by the university four days a week, we had plenty of free time to explore the island, make new friends and go on trips to special highlights of the island.

However, things don’t always go as planned, because the clock in Bali ticks differently. Life here is chaotic and it takes a while to get used to lateness, traffic chaos and ceremonies that paralyze all traffic. Nevertheless, life in Bali also has its good sides. Especially at the beginning I could experience the friendly mentality of the locals when I was still a bit lost. However, one issue keeps coming up: traffic accidents and thefts, especially in the tourist areas. But there are also many positive experiences, as was the case with me. By immersing yourself in the culture, language and all that Bali has to offer, you can meet great people, hear interesting stories and experience a very different life where family life and charity play a different role.


My semester abroad with studiesnetwork was definitely a time I will never forget. Already in the first week I learned to love the Balinese culture, nature and food. I have done countless scooter rides and fell in love with the country and its people. During my time at the host university, I had the opportunity to get to know different departments. The teachers were extremely supportive and I always felt welcome and integrated into the class community. Exploring the island with my new friends gave me valuable experiences and we had a great time together.


My stay in Bali and at the host university not only shaped me professionally but also personally and I am very grateful for the many interesting people I was able to meet and with whom I was able to share my experiences.

Bali Beach Club


In 2019, Simon spent his semester abroad with studiesnetwork at Udayana University in Bali. At that time he was doing his master’s degree in economics at the Karl Franzens University of Graz in Austria.

My semester abroad in Bali with studiesNetwork

Unfortunately, I did not complete a semester abroad during my bachelor’s degree, which I later regretted very much. I'm someone who enjoys learning about new languages and cultures and finds it exciting to meet people from different backgrounds. That’s why it was clear to me that I really wanted to do a semester abroad during my master’s degree.However, I also had to consider my limited budget in my search for suitable options. I also wanted to study in a somewhat unusual place and thus expand my experience in a foreign culture. That's how I came across studiesnetwork, which takes over the bureaucratic part of the application for a semester abroad in Asia and supports with organizational questions.

I was particularly interested in the official cooperation between studiesnetwork and the Faculty of Economics & Business at Udayana University in Bali, which has existed for many years. The courses offered were a perfect match for my focus on marketing and start-up management at the University of Graz. In addition, a voluntary course in the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) was included in the semester plan, which exactly met my expectations.

After reading some testimonials from other participants, I decided on Bali and studiesnetwork. The application period for the winter semester ended on June 15, and studiesnetwork provided all the necessary documents for the application and visa application early on.

During the application phase, I was able to contact studiesnetwork by e-mail or telephone at any time and always received prompt answers to my questions. I was also supported by Prof. Passon's team in preparing my trip and looking for suitable accommodation. So I could concentrate fully on my studies and enjoy my time in Bali. During my semester abroad I had the opportunity to gain many new experiences and to develop myself further. Not only have I expanded my knowledge in my specialist area, but I have also strengthened my intercultural skills. Working with the other students and lecturers was very enriching and showed me how important it is to think outside the box.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the application process and the support from studiesnetwork. The on-site support was also very good and I always felt that I was in good hands. I can recommend a semester abroad in Bali to anyone who wants to gain new experiences and, above all, to develop personally.

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